Saturday, 9 October 2004

the cause of osama's pobularity?

in response to all those who believe that george bush is the cause of bin laden's popularity in the arab world.

yeah sure - george bush made osama into a celebrity. demolishing the two most recognisable buildings in such dramatic fashion wouldn't have had anything to do with it. or how about the north american culture that worships superstars and superheroes whose only claim to fame is celebrity itself.the man has had more tv air time in the US than he will ever enjoy in the arab world.

it is true that the invasion of iraq has provided grist for the al qaeda propaganda mill, but it was doing fine even before that. September 11 didn't happen because of bush or american foreign policy or israel, it happened because the arab world is socially disfunctional and has spent the past several hundred years blaming all its ills on outsiders. this strategy has worked successfuly to keep a few despotic leaders in control of large populations and untold wealth.

The truth is that al qaeda and others like it, want you dead regardless of what sort of person you are. you are the infidel, the enemy, the outsider and they view western attempts at appeasment as pathetic and as a show of weakness.

it is clear that american foreign policy is naive - often to the point of stupidity and that your nation's understanding of other cultures is rudimentary at best. this doesn't mean that the the US government is completely wrong in some of its conclusions though.

I was against the US invading Iraq for my own set of complex reasons, including the forseeable popular backlash and the distraction from a real fight against terrorism. however despite this mess and iraqs current difficulties, things may well end up for the better for its people. I believe that winston churchill once said something like "the americans always do everything right, but not before trying every wrong way first".

I have no love for your current president or his merry men but i think the invasion of iraq is hardly his greatest mistake and that in the long run iraqis may even be better off for it.

As far as the door to the creation of a radical muslim state is concerned; that door has long since fallen off its hinges, dissintegratred and dissapeared. if anything, our continued support of countries like saudia does more to foster terrorism than anything. we should probably take a moral stand on how these countries brutally suppress their own populations (financial exploitation, torture, slavery etc.) oh but then the price of oil might go up.