Wednesday, 6 October 2004

democracy in US and Aus

in the US and Australia we have some of the more robust democracies on the planet, or so it is said. So how come the choices in upcoming elections offer only bush kerry howard and latham. there is little fundamental difference between them and i certainly wouldn't trust any of them with my house, money or children. then again we could face the non choice available in most of africa , every arab country and most of asia where being in government is just a way to accumulate large personal fortunes at the expense of everybody else's suffering. what a bloody mess we are in.

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Le Commissaire San Antonio said...

I appreciated your comments on my Blog, However, I disagree with your take on Muslim extremists. I have not quite caught up with my reading on many of these issues, but it is important to realize that the US government via the CIA has overthrown a number of duly elected--democratic governments including Iran in the early 50's with the Ok of President Eisenhower. At that time Iran was a democracy. However, as such it represented the people of Iran and not the financial interests of the British who controlled the Iranian oil industry. The CIA started a lot of rumors that the president was soft on communism (typical Republican Party junk in the US) and so forth and then convinced the Shah to participate. To a great extent the roots of Iranian hatred for the US stemmed from our overthrow of a democratically elected government by replacing it with the Shah who turned out to be a tyrant. Reference Kinzer, Stephen. ALL the SHAH's Men: an American coup and the roots of middle east terror. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley, 2003. Kinzer is a New York Times foreign correspondent.

It is also true that the US has played a lot of games with Saddam including letting him believe that the US had little interest in whether he invaded Kuwait.

Obviously, I would rather have the time to do all the research on many of these issues myself. But certainly this is no worse than reading a newspaper or checking the news on Yahoo. And probably a lot more reliable given the detail.

The US needs to straighten its own house before attempting to straighten out others' houses. For example, the US has the world's largest prison population and the world's highest rate of imprisonment. This speaks ill for the functionning of our own society.