Thursday, 24 February 2005

australia sending more troops to iraq

australia has decided to send more troops to iraq, ostensibly to guard japanese troops involved in reconstruction and this supposedly at the behest of the british. there was a dutch contingent doing the guarding but they left several months ago, leaving the job vacant. the australian decision is not surprising but one cannot help but view with cynicism, the government's pre-election pledge not to send more troops - especially when said promise was made only a few short weeks ago.

it seems that only about 2% of election promises are what the current government considers as “core promises” with the rest falling squarely in the ‘advertising hype’ or “lying” category.

as far as the actual decision is concerned, it may not be such a bad idea unless your a soldier on the fromtline. although the imminent appearance of democracy and civil society in iraq is unlikely, it is still possible. if, iraq emerges from all this as a nascent democracy, there will be plenty of countries bandwagon jumping and claiming a part in the miracle. maybe our government is merely reserving some seats, ‘just in case’. in any case, our troops guarding Japanese troops must at least signify the end of the war in the pacific (which war?).

it’ a mess all right.