Wednesday, 16 February 2005

today's western australian news

the state elections are nigh upon us.

the opposintion leader, mr colin barnett wants to raise the age of consent for homosexual men from 16 to 18. it is not clear if he is hoping they may become heterosexual in the intervening years or if he is proposing that young homosexual men practice having sex with women (allowed) for two years before finding a male partner. colin barnett is of course famous for his recent proposal to purchase the worlds largest plastic bag, open the bottom and use the tube thus formed to move two hundred billion litres of water per year, several thousand kilometers across australia so that people in perth can excercise their god given right to overwater their lawns.

the current incumbent, dr. gallop, is however sticking with his plans for a desalination plant to serve the same purpose. in an attempt to combat the vote winning appeal of such visionary plans as the long plastic tube, his government is planning to turn the states woeful public schools into world beating institutions by making everybody wear uniforms. this government is also willing to take a strong stand on law and order where black people are involved as evidenced by their decision to evict a whole community for alleged child abuse in that community. secret party research must clearly show that the homeless have less chance of being abused or maybe they think dem blackfellas can jus go walkabout for a bit an stop makin all dat trouble.

i have to keep reminding myself that i live in the 21st century - but then again, maybe its western australia instead.