Sunday, 27 February 2005

west australian election results

i can now declare along with everybody else that the western australian elections (26/2/05) have been won by the labour party headed by dr. geoff gallop.

although the result hardly warrants dusting off that magnum of champagne, it does mean that the black armband can go back in the cupboard for another few years.

the current government and winners of yesterday's election certainly have their share of stupid puerile policies but the opposition makes them look wise and considered.

the world has seen many stupid, damaging and self serving governments over the years and western australia has certainly seen it's fair share but i am nontheless feeling relieved at last nights result.

we have just narrowly escaped being governed by a bunch of loonies that staked their electoral fortunes on promissing to schlep billions of litres of water, half way accross the worlds driest continent in a hi tech giant condom. this is almost as stupid as an idea i heard today of using the unemployed to drive tractors to build australia some new mountain ranges to increase rainfall. hey why not just order the unemplyed to pile on top of each other to form the mountains or for that matter, we could form one long unemployed-human chain to a water rich country (say finland) and have everybody bring a tin mug to transfer water with.

enough already - this is driving me crazy but then this is west australia.