Wednesday, 21 December 2005

australian social security policy

in australia, if you are a welfare recipient, you are expected to put up with mountains of bureaucratic paperwork and stupid senseless rules as punishment. after all, there is nothing that galls us more in this country, than seeing someone poor or disadvantaged, being supported in comfort. the current government however has taken this idea further by using it as an instrument of social policy:

• if the unemployed are endlessly harassed and bullied, maybe they will suddenly find some hitherto hidden jobs.
• if single parents receive the same treatment, maybe they will mary and live happily ever after.
• if a disabled person’s life is made miserable enough, maybe they will just "get over" their disabilities.
• and if elderly pensioners are harassed enough, they might ...what? get younger?.

after all, what could possibly be wrong with wanting a productive, happy, healthy and youthful society.

advance australia fair (aussie national anthem)

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