Thursday, 15 December 2005

we see no evil

recently there have been some disturbing incidents (riots?) on sydney's southern beaches where gangs of young, moronic (and probably drunk) men have gathered for "beat up a wog/leb" get togeathers. naturally everybody in australian public life, publicly condemns these riots but the prime minister has said the these are not racial incidents and the opposition leader has more or less concurred.

apparently, this country is just one big happy, tollerant and egalitarian family. unless of course you are a leb/wog or for that matter, asian, jewish, eastern european, african or especially an indigenous australian.

i am not suggesting that it is as bad here as in some other places (that is, except for Aborigines and Torres Straight Islanders) but a racially motivated bashing is still a racially motivated bashing and pretending otherwise will not make the ugly underbelly of australian society any less ugly.

politicians understand the benefits of making people feel good about themselves but i for one, would feel far more secure knowing we were tackling our problems in the open.

could become a real bloody mess unless we remove a few blindfolds.

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Jagara said...

Very well said. To admit to being aggressive or violent has some social cudos. However to admit to being racist is totally taboo. So by denying the existence of racism one can avoid all those uncomfortable feelings one may have that point to onself having thoughts/feelings bordering on racism. Society says that racism is not ok - so where does that leave us - we cannot even talk about it as it has to be banished. I say better the devil you know.