Wednesday, 8 March 2006

being human/australian

Two days ago in a busy bus stop in brisbane, australia, a thing happened that illustrates something about human and maybe also australian character - you decide what. A woman in her 60s'who was on her way to work at a local university, collapsed. she lay there in her own vomit for five and a half hours while people got on and off busses walking right past her. the bus queues wound around her and she was totally ignored untill 2 japanese tourists came to her aid.

this kind storyis still relatively rare in australia so what happened. most people probably assumed she was a drunk and couldn't be bothered trying to find out.

this is not the first incident of this kind. i remember a few years ago in perth a young man was deliberately run over by some drunk, teenagers. he made it to the edge of the road and lay there bleeding while people walked past. somebody eventually called an ambulance but the ambulance officer took one look and decided it was another drunk sleeping it off and drove away.

in case you are interested, the woman is recovering in hospital after a mild stroke and the young man died that night. they were both Aboriginal australians.

how would i have behaved? i hope i would have offered help because i am after all human but maybe i would have just walked on by because after all i am only human and australian.

a shameful bloody mess alright.