Tuesday, 7 March 2006

symantec - too smart by half

noticed yesterday that my virus definitions hadn't updated for a fortnight. so i tried running "live update" which failed. symantec website recomended reinstalling the component so i followed instructions which failed (could not delete files or stop symantec processes). in the end i had to uninstall and reinstall all the symantec programs on my computer (requiring multiple tries and more reboots). five and a half hours later i was successfully running live update again and embarking again on the tedious process of "training" my firewall not to block my email program, the web or anything else useful. all i wanted was to have my virus definitions update automaticaly but due to symantec's clever integration it all turned into a dogs dinner. this is not the first time i've had these problems with symantec/nortons product and it pisses me right off. when my subscription runs out, i think i will look for software that just does what i want it to without trying to take control of my whole system.

symantec software is a bloody mess.