Wednesday, 8 March 2006

targeted advertising

a while ago, i decided to subscribe to a google add campaign (the two adds at the top of this page). this was just in case my blog suddenly became so popular that i would become rich from advertising revenue.

naturally the five people (including me) who have read my rantings have not been enough to put me over the threshold needed to receive a cheque but i have left the adds in the vain hope that this is the calm before the storm. the google system works like this: they insert advertisements on my page that supposedly reflect in some way the content represented within.

the adds seem to vary in theme quite a bit (including computers, charities and dating services amongst others). i am not sure if this reflects a failure of an algorithm, the eclectic nature of mymusings or perhaps google just knows me better than i know myself.

in any case, i am keeping the adds for a bit of light entertainment.