Sunday, 23 December 2007

seasons greetings to all in australia

well here we are (in the antipodes). its that time of year again and like many aussies, you might have recently had a visit from santa delivering that 42" plasma telly you always wanted or something like it. congratulations, you have been good all year (well almost) and the gift is your just reward. to you I wish a happy holiday and may all your indulgences be painless.

If you are a little poorer, things may not be so rosy. clearly you need to lift your game and perhaps next year will be better. I nonetheless wish you the best for the holidays.

If you are really poor however, you have no excuse for your wickedness. you must really have something wrong with you not to be enjoying the fruits of the current boom. to you i hardly know what to say - then again you probably don't have a computer to read this message anyway.