Wednesday, 19 November 2008

aussie internet censorship

the australian government in it's wisdom has decided to join iran, cuba, china and north korea in implementing a compulsory countrywide, internet censorship scheme. sites deemed "illegal" or "inappropriate" will be blocked. aside from increased cost and reduction in internet access speeds, there are obvious technical and policy/legal flaws in such a scheme, however it is implemented. anybody who wants to circumvent it will be able to do so using one of the freely available anonymiser services.

like most internet users, I am affronted by this attack on personal freedom but something else troubles me more - the apparent net wise cluelessness of those in charge of our communications future. can we expect perpetual motion machines from industry and resources or perhaps spells and charms from health next?

i voted for this government and have been wholeheartedly defending their decisions but this is embarrassing. a casual perusal of major online forums shows the response from computer users worldwide is unanimous derision. please government, get it together.


Anonymous said...

an Albert Camus's quotation censured as a comment about meaning of life?
- because written in French ( well, on a Internet blog, somme readers may understand it..)
- because the WAABM's KINGmaster doesn't like this writer?
- because considered as not pertinent enough? ( again Kingmaster decides)

You see, anyone can be a censorship as long as he has the "power" of decision of what is "good" or "bad" enough to be published..

whatabloodymess said...

Mr Camus has not been censored and neither have you Jocelyne. you may find it hard to believe but i am not always available to publish comments to my blog, the minute they are made.

on a more serious note, you may be confusing censorship with discretion. everybody makes decisions about what thoughts and opinions to express and on a lower level perhaps even which ones to have. you may call this self censorship but my blog naturally expresses my views at the time i write them down, even if they are published in a public forum. you are neither being denied the right to access my views nor the right to express your own by the mechanism of comment moderation on my blog. in fact, your ability to include comments (anonymously) on what is essentially my journal could be seen as a marvel of this new technology. of course i am the KINGmaster, as you put it of my own writing as was Albert Camus who was quite particular about what words appeared in his books.

what the australian government is proposing is not control over publication of their own material. it is the blanket criminalisation of large chunks of hitherto public information.

Anonymous said...

criminalization of public's information is nothing more than policy's control on individuals.
, Journalists , artists always faced this liberticide phenomena(even before the expansion of the webthing)
This does not honor the Australian government, the infantilization (in the form of protection against pedophilia ...) replaces individual accountability, our common friend Albert already denounced it during the Algerian war ..