Tuesday, 25 November 2008

the meaning of life

there doesn't appear to be any.


Anonymous said...

"L'absurde, c'est la raison lucide qui constate ses limites"
Albert CAmus

whatabloodymess said...

thanks for the comment ji. I have probably misunderstood poor Albert but i see nothing about the meaning of life here.

Anonymous said...

Albert "the misunderstood" resume through this quotation the absurdity's feeling raising from the no mean of life ( no god, no mean, human being lost in universe etc..)


kaidoristm said...

What is the meaning of life?

I dont think that anyone can give you correct answer for these questions. You all have probably asked yourself these questions many times throughout your lifetime. These are one of the hardest questions that everyone tries to find answer. But still, most people will never find the answer.


Anonymous said...

The meaning of life is a furphy!

Furphy, made incredibly rugged mobile water tanks that would have been welcomed like the Messiah if you were a bit dry.
Furphy now make recycled plastic park benches only seen in sad shopping strips pretending to be malls.
Which sums it all up really.