Wednesday, 10 December 2008

still going on about aussie internet censorship

So far as i can tell, this is the government's plan.

1. a voluntary filter (clean feed) for children. base on sophisticated heuristic and statistical techniques. these can contain some very clever stuff and at best are partly effective which is like like being partly pregnant.

2. a compulsory ip address blacklist that will include the more extreme bestiality, paedophilia and terrorism websites. these lists tend to become outdated very frequently (even on a daily basis) so this scheme will probably have no practical censorship effect.

as discussed in an earlier post and all over the web, getting around these filters is a trivial matter so why is the government even bothering and why should we care?

it seems that those in the government who have an IT clue, thought they could pull the wool over the eyes of the religio-conservative lobby by pretending to do something about "internet imorality" without incurring any real political cost. this in my opinion is a miscalculation on two fronts. first, i believe that it would have soon become apparent to the stephen fieldings and fred niles of this world that they had been gypped. they would then demand real/effective censorship and having agreed in principle, the government would not be able to easily refuse. the second miscalculation involves the temptation for future governments to expand the scheme to include effective blocking of all sorts of "unwanted" content. the australian public, though apathetic about most things political, still knows when they are being shafted hence the enormous protest.

for most of us the effect will probably amount to a slight slowing down and pricing up of the internet. for those of you just starting off on a journey of depravity and perversion though, things are looking up. the "lists" and frequent updates will be sent out to all internet service providers and be leaked (everything is leaked) so if you don't know where to find all the stuff you want, the government will now be helping.