Saturday, 30 January 2010

apple app store model - antidote to software piracy?

several months ago i got an iphone. since, i have spent a small (quite large actually) fortune on apps. this may not be remarkable except for the fact that i have always been inclined to pirate my software.

I have bought the odd bit of shareware in the past but have never had the money or the inclination to buy the more expensive programs, or at least that's what i always felt. the idea of shelling out large amounts of dosh for offerings from microsoft, adobe or anybody else has made me baulk. now i am spending money on these little apps, many of which end up of little use to me but which only cost a few dollars each.

I believe microsoft and the rest should follow this lead and sell their software piecemeal. ask $20 for word but charge $2 for the columns module and then $3 for the format painter module etc. before you know it they've received hundreds for the program just like they want.

just an idea - good thing nobody from redmond (or anybody else) reads this.