Thursday, 18 February 2010

the united states of europe - lol

a few years ago, hannibal the multimillionaire playboy son of libyan dictator muamar gaddafi (himself a billionaire) was arrested in switzerland for assault. naturally, daddy was upset as he had brought up his son to assault whomever he pleased and the swiss weren't cooperating. hannibal was released on bail 2 days later and returned to lybia.

muamar naturally did what any despot father would do, he arrested two high profile swiss businessmen in retaliation which has led to the usual series "diplomatic negotiations". after the swiss prime minister (hans-rudolf merz) begged for and supposedly secured the mens release, gaddafi humiliated him by reneging on the deal at the last minute and then cutting visas, flights and oil exports. the swiss then banned gaddafi and some of his cronies from entering switzerland for the wef conference in davos and now lybia has stopped issuing visas to any country that is party to the schengen convention (switzerland and 15 other european countries).

the mighty european union has told lybia it thinks this is a little unfair and they are about to implement plans to have a meeting to arrange to investigate the available options in order to inform a decision about how to react to the lybian decision. european countries are unhappy with switzerland for not just capitulating. the italian foreign minister has gone as far as blaming switzerland for this whole mess.

europe is putting into action its most used tactic, appeasement. it never works but it sure is comfortable to be in familiar territory. in the end, gaddafi and his fammily's craving for more of europe's wealth and quaint cultural charms, will keep the crude taps open. europe will have its oil and the caliph's son will again be entitled to do as he pleases.

how pathetic.