Monday, 22 February 2010

What I know about the assasination of Mahmoud al-Mahbhouh in Dubai

Like all the self proclaimed experts reporting in the media, I know nothing of this assassination except for what the media itself has revealed which is itself nothing. As the assassinated man was a Hamas arms smuggler, blame naturally falls on Israel and its secret service. Israel has motive after all. The arms that mahmoud was buying from Iran had only one intended purpose - to kill Israelis.

The Mosad (Israel's Equivalent of the CIA or MI6) has a reputation for efficiency and competence but anybody can have a bad day, can't they? It seems clear that if this was a Mosad operation, they managed to do everything to be exposed, from being photographed by almost every security camera in Dubai to stealing Israeli/European citizens' identities and involving such large numbers in the plot. It is also possible that Mahmoud was killed because of internecine fighting between Palestinian factions (some Palestinians have already been arrested in connection with the case), because of money owed to Russian arms dealers or because of a dispute with his Iranian "partners". Pointing the finger at Israel would muddy the waters and might even serve a dual purpose in the Arab world where political capital can be gained from any demonisation of Israel.

Of course we don't know who is responsible and those who do know and those that are likely to find out are unlikely to tell us. In the end the death of a terrorist arms smuggler is not that significant so why so much fuss.

What some European governments are really miffed at, is the use of their countrys' passports in this operation. The Documents which seem to have been poor forgeries of British, Irish, Dutch, French and German Passports allowed the perpetrators to enter and leave Dubai without being caught. The Brits who have led the posturing circus of feigned outrage are of course well aware that for the last half century, the British passport has been favoured amongst spies and criminals for allowing access to many counties and for the ease with which it could be obtained due to a massive security hole in the country's passport application system. The British Government have themselves used fake British passports as well as those of allied countries in their spying/political assassination activities. so have the French, Germans, Irish and Dutch. If secret services didn't use fake identity papers, they wouldn't be secret.