Thursday, 23 December 2010

United States showing its vulnerability

unlike many thoughtful, left leaning, liberal minded people, I don't have an automatic anti-US bias in everything and I don't believe that it is responsible for all the worlds ills even though I know it shares that responsibility with the rest of us. The very trendy view that the downfall of that superpower will bring enlightenment and freedom to the world is, in my opinion, misguided in the extreme. I've seen some of the alternatives waiting in the wings and those who believe things can only get better may have a surprise coming.

this is why, I am concerned and even disturbed to see the US displaying obvious signs of weakness which may be pointers to its own demise. I'm talking about the Julian Assange Wikipedia affair (who isn't).

Assange and the organisation he founded have certainly been instrumental in causing some embarrassment for the US government but there is nothing particularly damaging in the documents released so far and if anything they are rather instructive in the way the world actually works - not just the USA diplomatic service. the fact that there has been such a ridiculous over reaction from several people in the higher echelons of politics in the US, shows us how little confidence they have in their own country and its strength.

there are some who see the Nixon/Watergate era as a low point in American history but can anybody imagine public calls for the assassination/elimination of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward coming from those holding or pretending to high office. the fact that those journalists published what they discovered and that it lead to the eventual impeachment of a corrupt president seems, however embarrassing to have been an indicator of the robust strength of the American system at the time.

Who do we now have who stands by their principles? not the disintegrating west but some fundamentalist fanatical muslims - what a bloody mess we are in.